Marlyn Cobalt Drone

For over a year Atmos’ engineers worked closely with users and resellers to bring in changes to Marlyn that would massively improve the customer experience. Together with them, the team managed to produce the most accurate, and easy to use Marlyn ever made, with changes across the entirety of the product.

Increased Efficiency

Take your data capture to the next level. Marlyn speeds up your data capture by surveying large
areas up to 30x faster than traditional land surveying methods, and up to 10x faster than
Multicopter drones.


Survey Anywhere

Small take-off areas? No problem, Marlyn only needs a 2x2m [6.5×6.5 ft] flat area to take off and
land allowing you to be flexible in your operations. Easy backpack transport is also perfect for those heading off the beaten track.


Survey Any Time

With Marlyn 'no-go' days are turned into routine projects. You get the benefit of flying in wind conditions of up to 45km/h [28mph] at ground level, and 55km/h [34mph] at cruise altitude resulting in up to 30% more days per month.


Absolute Accuracy

Accuracy is king in the surveying world. Attain accuracies as low as 1cm [0.4in] with Sony’s 61MP, full-frame A7RIV combined with Topcon&’s PPK module, an Aerial surveying match made in heaven!

Fly in the Toughest Winds, up to 45km/h

Surveyors deserve better than 30km/h wind limits. That’s why with Marlyn you can take off, survey, and land comfortably in winds of up to 45km/h (28mph), more than any other survey drone.

Operate from Any 2x2m Area

Take off like a Helicopter and Fly like an Airplane. With Marlyn you can operate from anywhere and cover up to 150Ha (370 Acres) per flight. No more finding large clear areas for belly landing!

Engineered and manufactured in Europe

To ensure high-end quality and ethical trade standards, we believe in keeping things local. That’s why all of our Marlyns are designed, created, and assembled right here in the Netherlands.

Technical specifications

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