SurvCE data collection software

Carlson SurvCE is a complete data collection system for Real Time (RTK) GPS or Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. It supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/ robotic total stations. Combining advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and graphical user interface, SurvCE ensures the user smooth workflow in the field.


  • User-friendly interface and Tab-based menu structure
  • Support a variety of GPS network protocols including NTRIP, TCP and UDP
  • Supports LandXML points, DTM, graphics, alignments, profiles and sections
  • Support an unlimited number of localization points
  • Feature coding and Instrument switching

Carlson SurvCE’s powerful features help you do more,
do it accurately & in less time.

  • Powerful Roading: favored by U.S. DOTs and heavy highway contractors around the world
  • Advanced functionality for staking intersections and cul-de-sacs using Carlson Road Network Files
  • Highly graphical and intuitive user interface – the software prompts you so no detail is missed
  • Strong GIS features for accurate data capture, including attribute data, that allows seamless links to Esri®
  • True versatility: SurvCE runs on most GPS and total station equipment in service today
  • Optimal Field-to-Finish: no need to spend extra hours in the office to make drawings
  • Easy data exchange due to rich support of CAD file formats and .dwg, .dgn, .shp
  • More field capabilities with quick and easy volume calculation and ability to generate points from polylines
  • Cut/Fill stakeout using surface files

Top New Features in Carlson SurvCE:

  • Option to import text in drawings in addition to blocks;
  • Ability to process GPS base records from the raw file into the CRD file;
  • New 2D sketch polyline and snap option;
  • Advanced point averaging and blunder detection in the field (with accuracies in-between RTK and post-processing);
  • Ability to freehand sketch in the map screen;
  • Allows GIS storing in any stakeout routine;
  • Support for full output reporting in GNSS analysis;
  • Enhanced ability to stake roads by complete LandXML Road Model—load and go;
  • Cogo-Point Protection that allows a point range and makes a .txt file for station, offset, and elevation and other user-defined fields from the reference;
  • Enhanced performance on new capacitive screen data collectors.
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